Lead Generation

Lead Generation – turning traffic into customers
Would you like more than just having a website and people visiting your site?
Would you like to maximize your online efforts, to connect with more paying customers?

We are more than just an SEO and Social Media company. Creative Web Consulting is more than just a SEO company. We also specialize in generating leads for small businesses, large businesses and anywhere in-between.

State-of-the-art-technology. Our lead generation technology connects potential customers with your business while there still researching. Most businesses take too long to respond to leads. With our technology, it not only increases your awareness of unanswered calls, but it also makes sure that you’re contacting your leads within 30 seconds of the initial request. This will ensure that potential customers are contacted faster and easier. It also provides a more personal connection between the customer and your business.

Bottom Line. Not only will you increase your bottom line with this technology, but you will also have complete access to 100% of the prospective clients who have been in contact with your business.

This is why it has been called “THE GAME CHANGER!”

Online. Pretty much everything is done online and most businesses have a web form where customers fill in their information. After filling in their information and submitting their phone number, a call is immediately directed to one of your representatives or sales associates. This creates that direct connection between your business and the potential customer. It eliminates the time the customer would be using to continue to shop around.

The Game Changer WILL impress your customers!

How it works:

  1. A special code is embedded into your quote form
  2. After the code is installed, you are now live
  3. A customer enters their information into your quote form
  4. Your phone rings within 30 seconds
  5. You simply press (1) to get connected to the customer
  6. Once you’re connected, it’s your opportunity to close the deal, and generate the sale

The Benefits:

  1. You connect with customers in 30 seconds or less
  2. Show your potential customers YOUR the authority, not your competitor
  3. Increase your bottom line
  4. You see value in marketing strategies and dollars

Our technology works on any site that has a form where the phone number is captured. 


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